Mafatihol Jenah (name of book for moslem)

Posted by Maysam (Tehran, Iran) on 11 October 2007 in Abstract & Conceptual.

This book has 99 Names of Allah (Almighty) Big View and Bible and all that is sacred for Moslem.

Hamid from Tehran, Iran

ghabool bashe, eid mobarak pishapish

11 Oct 2007 8:46am

mehrdad from tehran, Iran

mamnon az nazareton..
darzmn akse zibaeest...
eideton ham mobarak....

11 Oct 2007 8:56am

Amir from ?, Iran

Thanks for sharing

11 Oct 2007 4:31pm

Illuci from Netherlands

I read about Allah's 100 names in a poem by the German poet Goethe (1749-1832) (maybe the greatest German poet ever) who wrote a Divan inspired by Eastern and Muslim world. (Among others Hafiz). The Divan is called "West-Östlicher Divan". Thank you for reminding me of these poems.

11 Oct 2007 7:58pm


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