Al AFE (Repentance for GOD)

Posted by Maysam (Tehran, Iran) on 10 October 2007 in Abstract & Conceptual.

This pic for 19 RAMEZAN in Mosala

Josef Renklint from Umeå, Sweden

Very nice shot!

10 Oct 2007 5:58am

@Josef Renklint: Tanx Josef Renklint

Soodabeh from Yazd, Iran

سلام. سری عکسهای شب قدرتون واقعا قشنگ بودند. متاسفانه من مدتی بود زیاد فرصت نمی کردم سر بزنم ولی الان همه شون رو دیدم. واقعا که دستتون درد نکنه زحمت کشیدید و در انعکاس این معنویت عظیم تلاش کردید.

10 Oct 2007 6:23am

@Soodabeh: Tanx Soodabeh

Myst from Bologna, Italy

Great shot!

10 Oct 2007 8:31am

@Myst: Tanx Myst

DaveB from Exeter, United Kingdom

Interesting shot!

10 Oct 2007 10:33am

@DaveB: Tanx DaveB

/\/\ ! /\/ /\ from Tehran, Iran

it is a nice shot! his gesture can talk!

10 Oct 2007 12:34pm

@/\/\ ! /\/ /\: Tanx mina or /\/\ ! /\/ /\

Amir from ?, Iran

I think it was a high ISO shot. But very nice as usual.

10 Oct 2007 3:07pm

@Amir: Tanv Amir jun

Manuela Photography from Hainburg, Germany

Like the focus on one single person with the crowd as a backdrop!

10 Oct 2007 3:38pm

@Manuela Photography: Tanx Manuela Photography

Reza from Montreal, Canada

Very nice shot but isn't it a bit noisy?

10 Oct 2007 10:36pm

@Reza: Tanx Reza

Claudio from Porto, Portugal

great expressivity

11 Oct 2007 3:03am

Tago from Quezon City, Philippines

Wow, very nice shot.

13 Oct 2007 5:54pm


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